Friday, April 24, 2015

My Menu.

This week my writing group has been writing a menu for our family. This is my yummy menu.

Hi I am your chef and my name is Victoria Sullivan.

This is my menu.                         Adjective Phrase.                                    

Salad. (With sliced tomato on the side.)
Dip and chips. (The flavour of the chips is really salted and the dip is onion dip.)
Mini pizza. (With pasta sauce, cheese, pineapple, capsicum, on top.)
Hot chips. ( With a little bit of salt on the hot chips and tomato sauce in bottle.)
Garlic bread. (With cheese or herbs your choice.)

Roast beef. (With baby carrots, green beans and potato.)
Macaroni and cheese. (With fried onion on the side.)
Roast pork. (With peas green beans potato and carrots and apple-sauce on the side.)     

Apple crumble. (With dollop of cream.)
Trifle (With grated flake on the top.)
Strawberry cheesecake. (With Vanilla ice-cream.)
Apple and berry pie. (The berries are blue berries, raspberries and pear.)
Lime jelly. (With whipped cream or ice-cream.)
Chocolate mousse. (With whipped cream on the side.)

Lemonade. (With ice and straw.)                           
Orange juice. (With ice and straw.)
Beer. (In beer glass.)
Wine. (In wine glass.)


  1. Yum! it sounds delicious i would defiantly go to your restaurant