Friday, May 29, 2015


This week in P.E I have been doing netball with Miss Plimmer. This is the reflection that we had to do.

Netball Reflection

Write down three things to remember when doing a chest pass
  1. Feet shoulder width apart
  2. Make a W with your hands
  3. Pas to chest

What are the three things to remember when doing a bounce pass
  1. Make a W with your hands
  2. Put one foot out in front of you
  3. It lands 3 quarter away from the person that paced to you
What are some tips for trying to shoot? (get the ball into the hoop?)
  • Have your hands above your head
  • Take your time
  • Shoot above the goal but do not shoot too far because it will go right over the goal
  • Bend you nee's slightly.

What was challenging for you?
Not doing hard paces

What was your favourite part?
Learning some new skill to try when I am doing netball practice with my coach Kyle

What would you have liked to have learned more of?

Insert a photo of one of the netball skills we did (chest pass, bounce pass, shooting)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Casey Kopua.

This week my reading group. We wrote why Casey Kopua should play or not play next weekend.

Casey Kopua

What is your opinion of Casey potentially playing this weekend?

Sarah- I think……..because

Liske- I think that she personally should play a half a game because they will need to see if she is ready for the world cup and also if she plays this weekend and doesn't injure they will have a great % at winning the game she has great defence and sticks to her player like glue. Also this the right time to injure it if anything happens. She goes to the  gym 8 hours everyday, or maybe more. She goes to the physiol each day, she says there is crying, bad language and a lot of other stuff, she also says it is worth it because it it working and helping.
By Liske

Ruby- I think that she should play because she is a great player and we need to know if she can play. And if she didn't we will have to find someone else to replace her for the world cup. I think she can play only a little bit of the game. She has been working very hard because she goes to the physiol and gym 8 hours a day! We need to know if she is able to play for the world cup 2015. Even though she had to wait 9 months or a year I think she will still be able to play netball.

Georgia-I think that she shouldn't play this week because she might hurt it again and it might take even longer to get healed. The game coming up would be perfect for Casey because she has a bit longer to let her knee heal and if she hurts her leg only minor she has a week to repair. I think that she needs to play sometime but maybe not this week because she could not be prepared to play at her best against a very good team. Everyday she has been going to the physiol and to the gym so that she could get ready for the ANZ Netball champs.  

Sophia- I think that Casey should play because she is a good player and the captain of her team. They need to know if she is ready for the world cup.  She can also play a little bit of the game.  The Magic have a good advantage of winning but they need to beat the Mystics so they are at the top of the board for New Zealand.  She said “ I am going to try and land on the left leg”  But she might hurt that leg too.  She also said “I don't want to go back on court being a one legged netball-er.”  Casey has also being going to the physiol plus the gym for 8 hours each day.  Hopefully she can play in the ANZ champs.

Kellyanne-I think that she should play because they need to know if she will be better to play and if she is not that she may not be able to play for a long time and I hope she can play because she is the best player and captain.There should be a limit of how long she plays for.She really needs to do netball to get ready for the world cup otherwise she will not be as good as she normally is.

Shannon - I think Casey should play because I personally think she is the best silver fern player, Even if she plays half time she would still get lots of goals for the team. If she plays she might be able to compete in the Netball World Cup 2015 and that would be awesome because she would have a chance of her team winning. They need to decide if she can play or not so they can see if she can play for the world cup or if she can’t play they would need to figure out if they need another captain for their team. Before her injury Casey put in the hours and time to practice for all her games and after her accident she still tries to practice for netball with physiol and fitness, My opinion is that she deserves to play Netball in the World Cup.

Victoria- I think that she should and shouldn't play. She should play because she is a AWESOME player. She would really improve her team. And if she would like a spot in the Silver Ferns she would probably need to play a game in the ANZ netball camps. I also think she should not play because there is a really good chance of breaking her knee again. She also might not be able to jump properly that means she won't play well. She has been trying to get her leg right for heaps and has been doing it for 8 hours or more a day. That is why I think she should play and she shouldn't play this weekend.

Bella-I think that she should play because she is a good player and would stop the ammonites from getting a goal. She is a really good player so she would really help. We could put her on but not for the hole game. If she gets another injured she will know what she is up for. She will help the team while she is in and do her best to help.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Kaitawa-A Brief Moment.

We had to writing about a moment at camp Kaitawa. This is the moment that I wrote.

Rata Tree

When I stared up to it it looked so steep I thought couldn't climb it. When I started climbing Mr Moriarty helped me to get to halfway. It was very steep. I grabbed the closest vine. Then I started climbing again. Then I got to the top. Then I saw that Caine was standing at the top.

By Victoria.

Camp Kaitawa Slides

        This is my Camp Kaitawa slide. I hope you like it.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Hi this is my ANZAC task. We did it because ANZAC day was that week.
ANZAC Task Week One and Two.
Compulsory Task 1 - 7

Task One: When was World War I? On the 28 of July 1914 and lasted until the 11 of November 1918.
Task Two: Name 10 countries that participated in World War I.
1. New Zealand.
2. Australia.
3. Belgium.
4. France.
5. Russia.
6. Germany.
7. Austria - Hungary.
8. Ottoman Empire.
9. Serbia.             
10. Japan.

Task Three: When was World War II?
September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945

Task Four: Name 10 countries that participated in World War II
1.New Zealand.
9. Britan.
10.United States of America.

Task Five: ANZAC is an acronym - what does it stand for?
  1. Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

Task Six: Name three other acronyms and what they stand for
1. ASAP. ( As soon as possible.)
2. RSA. ( Returned Services' Association.)
3. NATO. ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization.)

Task Seven: Use this quiz site to answer the following questions

Where is Gallipoli? Western Turkey.

When did the first ANZACs land at ANZAC cove?  4.28am on Sunday 25 April 1915.

Where did nurses serve in World War I?  Vladivostok, Burma, India, Persian Gulf, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France and England.

Choose two out of Task 8, Task 9, and Task 10

Task 8: Write a newspaper article that might have been around in the World War I stating what would have been happening. Try to include as much detail as possible so that the reader gets a really good idea about what life would have been like living in the war.

This website will help you

Task 9: Listen to the audio of “The Last Post” Click here Write down how it makes you feel. This should be a mini paragraph.
9.It makes me proud like I have done something extraordinary. By that I mean that it make me feel like I have won something or set a world recored.

Task 10: Watch the video on how to make ANZAC biscuits. Turn the sound off on your computer and Click here. Record how to make them - use your eyes to watch and NOT your ears to listen.     

  1. You will need 1 cup of rolled oats.
  2. Then you put 1 cup of plain flour.
  3. Then you will add 1 cup of sugar.
  4. Add butter with 2 tablespoon of golden syrup.
  5. Add 180g of butter.
  6. You will now have to add 1 teaspoons of baking powder in a separate bowl and add 4 teaspoons of water in the bowl with the baking powder then stir well. Add 1 cup of coconut.
  7. Then add all the dry ingredients in a big bowl and then stir well.
  8. Then add all the liquid ingredients in a different bowl and stir.
  9. Then add the liquid ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients in it and then stir. Then roll little balls and put the on a lined baking tray and then flatten them down.