Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Matariki Art.

This week we were doing some art about Matariki.
I am blogging this because it was fun and I got to work with my friends.
I was learning about the seven stars.
My Matariki work shop was sewing and it was really fun because I got to use a sewing machine for the first time. We sewed a sea using all different blue colours. Then we sewed yellow stars and a boat. The sail on the boat was white and the bit that you sit in was brown. 

This is the poster I made on Pic Collage.

 This is my seven stars art. In my group for the art was Melana, Adrealle, Ruby, Me(Victoria).

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Opinion Writing.

I am blogging this because it was fun and I am proud of it. I was learning to chose and write an opinion. We had to chose if all trees should be cut down or no trees cut down. I chose all trees should be cut down. This is my opinion writing.

All trees should be cut down.

I think that all trees should be cut down.

I think that all the trees should be cut down because we won’t have any paper to write on. The schools need paper because the children need to learn to write and people write on paper. Books are also made by paper. If we don’t have paper what is the point of going to school?

We also need wood and wood comes from trees. The wood keeps everyone warm in winter. If people get cold they also might get sick. New born babies will get cold and might die from being so cold. Wood can also make houses.

Wood also makes a lot of furniture. They make wooden chairs and tables. We need to cut the trees down because we won’t have any tables to eat dinner on or any chairs to sit down on. The wood from trees is useful for cabinets to put you T.V on and cabinets for other stuff.

That is why I think John Key should cut down all the trees.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hurricanes Verses The Highlanders.

I chose this to blogging this because I had a great time and I got to stay up very late. I went to the Hurricanes verses Highlanders. I got candy floss and L&P fizzy drink. I went with my Mum called Angela, my Dad called John and my little sister called Rebekah. I got signatures from a some Hurricane players. 
                                          My dad, sister and me.

This is my dad, my sister and me.
My dad, sister and me.
My dad and I. With my sister on the side of the photo.
My dad and I.
This is my mum and I.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Victoria's and Bella's maths.

Thirsty work.

Problem 1.
If you recycle this glass, you get 20 cents back. The full soft drink costs six times as much as the bottle itself. What is the cost of the soft drink without a bottle?
Answer: $1.00

Problem 2.
What is the smallest number of pins you would need to pin up 16 notices? You must be able to see the information on every notice,and every notice has a pin on each corner. This one was incorrect.
Answer: 64.

Problem 3.
One T has the perimeter of 10 centimetres Three T joined like this has a perimeter of 18 centimetres. What is the perimeter of 10 Ts that are joined together in this why?
Answer: 46

Aroha, Beth, Connie and Delsey played each other in a knock-out game of table-tennis tournament. Use this diagram and these clues to find out who win the tournament.
Problem 4. Answer: Beth