Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Victoria's and Bella's maths.

Thirsty work.

Problem 1.
If you recycle this glass, you get 20 cents back. The full soft drink costs six times as much as the bottle itself. What is the cost of the soft drink without a bottle?
Answer: $1.00

Problem 2.
What is the smallest number of pins you would need to pin up 16 notices? You must be able to see the information on every notice,and every notice has a pin on each corner. This one was incorrect.
Answer: 64.

Problem 3.
One T has the perimeter of 10 centimetres Three T joined like this has a perimeter of 18 centimetres. What is the perimeter of 10 Ts that are joined together in this why?
Answer: 46

Aroha, Beth, Connie and Delsey played each other in a knock-out game of table-tennis tournament. Use this diagram and these clues to find out who win the tournament.
Problem 4. Answer: Beth

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