Monday, November 30, 2015

Quick Write

This week I am publishing a quick write. This is when we do 15 minutes of silent writing. This is one of my quick writes. I hope you like it.

As I entered the dark tunnel I had a feeling of existent and worries. I was wondering if I should go out but it was to dark to see the way out. I keep on walking. I heard a strange noise that made me freeze. I could just make out what it was. It was a KITTEN! Well that was the last thing I thought I would. find  in a tunnel. I pick the kitten up wondering how it belonged to. When I was walking I saw a green light. That's weird.I put the kitten down and went to look inside. When I got inside the light turned from green to white. That's strange. "WOW! " I said as I saw the pure gold table. How ever lives here must be very rich. As i looked around it seemed to be more like an office than a home. I heard a noise the saw an oldish lady come out. I quickly hide behind a desk. "Oh I thought someone was there. She walk out of the room. Suddenly I remembered the message from spy H.Q. Beware of and oldish kind looking lady she is trouble.


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  1. your Quick wright sounds really amzing I want to read more

  2. that sounds so exiting I really what to read more