Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pangolin Report

This week I am sharing my Pangolin report. We go lucky dipped an extended animal and I got the Pangolin. Here is my writing.

Pangolin are an endangered specie. They are often called “scaly anteaters”. Pangolins are a quite small animal, they  grow between 30-100cm. There is only 8 species of Pangolins.

Pangolins have very poor vision, but they have a very good sense of smell and great hearing. One type of Pangolin called the Tree Pangolin have strong prehensile tails that they hang from branches and pull bark of the tree to expose insect nests. Long tail Pangolins are active in the day and sleep at night, while the other species of Pangolins curl up in a ball and sleep for most of the day and are active at night. They are also good swimmers. The ground dwelling Pangolins can dig to 3.5 underground. Pangolins are nocturnal.

The Pangolin lives in the warm tropical regions throughout Southern Africa and Asia. They live in the burrows they make. Sometime they live in hollow trees and hide in bushes.

Pangolins eat insects and ants. They have heaps of insect available to them but Pangolin tend to consume only to 1-2 types of insects. The most common food for the Pangolin is Larvae. Pangolins eat between 140g-200g of insects a day.

The Pangolin has a rougth overlapping scaly skin. They grow between 30-100cm. A female Pangolin does not grow as big as a male Pangolin. Pangolins have sharp claws and small eyes.

The Pangolin is endangered and needs to be looked after for its continued survival.

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Writing Prove it.

This week I am sharing my writing prove it. A writing prove it is when you go to a workshop about something you want to get better at or want to learn about. My writing prove it is about the semicolon. Then you have to prove that you learnt it.

I learnt how to use a semicolon.

Here is an example: Some people ride with a saddle and other people ride bareback.
Some people ride with a saddle; other people ride bareback.

Horses are very heavy; as a result you were covered shoes.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Reading task.

This week I am blogging my reading task. I'm in the Lions reading group. We had to read the book Grandparents day then answer some questions about the book. This task was really fun.

Task 1
How do you think Granny and Pop are feeling when they are at the school? Explain your reasoning.
I think Granny was feeling very stressed out and didn’t want to be late to Isla's grandparents-day Because of the muffin ending up burnt so they had to go to the bakery and when they were out of blueberry muffins that probably stressed granny out even more. I think Pop was pretty calm but very forgetful.

Task 2
On page 41, Pop starts daydreaming about when he went to school. Do some research about school in New Zealand in the old days and compare it to school in 2016. Include at least 3 comparisons.

Feather and ink
Thinking spot

Task 3
Find 3 new vocabulary words. Write them and their definition below.

Whisper under her breath.
The girls name.
Is a white thing in the wall that you plug your electronics in.

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