Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hi and welcome back to my blog. This term we have been learning about the Olympics. We had to chose a sport, an athlete or something to do with the Olympic history. I chose to learn about Equestrian. We got to chose ever do a report of a brochure. I chose to do a brochure. Here is my brochure.

Where you could start.
You could start by asking your parents if you could go to your local pony club. After a while going to your pony club you can sometimes compete on the pony club ponies and do small events.

    Sir Mark Todd

Sir Mark Todd is a famous New Zealand horse rider. He is known in the eventing circuit.




                     Victoria Sullivan



Dressage is used in 3 day events and individual event. It’s got completes moves and you have to have a good bond between you and your horse. In dressage there is no jumping only flat-work. When you do dressage your horse is supposed to have there neck arched a bit.

Show Jumping

Show jumping is jumping in a sand arena. There are about 10 to 13 different jumps on a show jumping course. Show jumping is done at canter. If you knock a rail down then you get 4 faults. The person with the least amount of faults wins.

X Country

X country is a stage in eventing. X country is done at gallop or canter. It is ridden over grass field. In X country you don’t jump over painted rail you jump logs pot plants and heaps of other different jumps. There are 30-40 jumps in a X country course.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Candy land!

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. Today I'm blogging about my quick write. I decided to write a story about candy land. Here is my story.

As I turned around I could not believe my eyes, I was in Candy Land. I knew that because there was a sign that said welcome to Candy Land. I looked around. I could see a lemonade stream and heaps of lollie-pop trees. 

I started walking. I stopped under a lollie-pop tree by the lemonade stream. Ow! I said as a toffee apple landed on my head. I was felling hungry so I ate the apple. Suddenly I looked down to see a garden gnome tapping my leg. The gnome said "Victoria you must get to the Cookie Castle before sunset." How do you know my name" I asked."You don't need to know that just get to the castle" shouted the garden gnome.

On my way to the Cookie Castle I couldn't stop thinking about why I am in Candy Land and why I need to go to the cookie castle. When I arrived at the castle the Queen Sugar greeted me and showed me my room. "You will be staying here tonight" said the Queen Sugar. On the bed there was a touch, a map, a backpack, water bottle, and some candy. I quickly put everything in the backpack and went to bed. 

In the morning I woke up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. For breakfast I had pancake with maple syrup. As I was walking back to my room I was wondering why all that stuff was on the bed. Outside my bedroom I saw the Queen Sugar waiting for me. She told me I was here because I had to save Candy Land from Dentist Land. Queen Sugar gave me a unicorn and some food. "Good luck Victoria and Candy Land is the only place the Dentist Land hasn't token over" said Queen Sugar. I left Cookie Castle at mid-day. 

I pulled out the map to see where I was. I was on the boarder of Candy Land and Dentist Land. I quickly let the unicorn have a drink from the lemonade stream and the we were off again. Out of the corner on my eye I was King Tooth Paste. I quickly hid behind a lollie-pop tree."Phew" I whispered. When King Tooth Paste was gone I quickly started walking again keeping an eye out to see when King Tooth Paste was around. Now I was just outside of Candy Land. It was very dark, so I knew I was close to the dentist castle. As I looked in the distance I could see Dentist Castle on top of a hill. I started making my way up the steep hill. 

When I got closer I could see lots of tooth guards surrounding the castle. There was a tooth paste water-fall coming off the side of the castle. I started climbing up the side of the castle wall when I heard someone talking. I quickly looked down. King Tooth Paste was talking to the tooth guards. I heard one tooth guard say we should leave at sunrise. They all agreed and went back to work.

When I reached the top of the castle I saw a wooden door. Slowly I opened it. Inside was a big table with a plan on it. I sneaked inside and had a look at the paper. It was a plan on how to take over Candy Land. Suddenly I heard foot steps coming towards the door. I jumped behind a pot-plant not knowing what to do. As the door opened I held my breath. It was King Tooth Paste. He sat down at the table and wrote something on the paper with the plan on it then left. I slowly step out from behind the pot-plant and ran over to see what King Tooth Paste had written on the plan. While I read the rest of the plan, I knew I had to move fast.
To Be Continued.   

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