Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Candy land!

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. Today I'm blogging about my quick write. I decided to write a story about candy land. Here is my story.

As I turned around I could not believe my eyes, I was in Candy Land. I knew that because there was a sign that said welcome to Candy Land. I looked around. I could see a lemonade stream and heaps of lollie-pop trees. 

I started walking. I stopped under a lollie-pop tree by the lemonade stream. Ow! I said as a toffee apple landed on my head. I was felling hungry so I ate the apple. Suddenly I looked down to see a garden gnome tapping my leg. The gnome said "Victoria you must get to the Cookie Castle before sunset." How do you know my name" I asked."You don't need to know that just get to the castle" shouted the garden gnome.

On my way to the Cookie Castle I couldn't stop thinking about why I am in Candy Land and why I need to go to the cookie castle. When I arrived at the castle the Queen Sugar greeted me and showed me my room. "You will be staying here tonight" said the Queen Sugar. On the bed there was a touch, a map, a backpack, water bottle, and some candy. I quickly put everything in the backpack and went to bed. 

In the morning I woke up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. For breakfast I had pancake with maple syrup. As I was walking back to my room I was wondering why all that stuff was on the bed. Outside my bedroom I saw the Queen Sugar waiting for me. She told me I was here because I had to save Candy Land from Dentist Land. Queen Sugar gave me a unicorn and some food. "Good luck Victoria and Candy Land is the only place the Dentist Land hasn't token over" said Queen Sugar. I left Cookie Castle at mid-day. 

I pulled out the map to see where I was. I was on the boarder of Candy Land and Dentist Land. I quickly let the unicorn have a drink from the lemonade stream and the we were off again. Out of the corner on my eye I was King Tooth Paste. I quickly hid behind a lollie-pop tree."Phew" I whispered. When King Tooth Paste was gone I quickly started walking again keeping an eye out to see when King Tooth Paste was around. Now I was just outside of Candy Land. It was very dark, so I knew I was close to the dentist castle. As I looked in the distance I could see Dentist Castle on top of a hill. I started making my way up the steep hill. 

When I got closer I could see lots of tooth guards surrounding the castle. There was a tooth paste water-fall coming off the side of the castle. I started climbing up the side of the castle wall when I heard someone talking. I quickly looked down. King Tooth Paste was talking to the tooth guards. I heard one tooth guard say we should leave at sunrise. They all agreed and went back to work.

When I reached the top of the castle I saw a wooden door. Slowly I opened it. Inside was a big table with a plan on it. I sneaked inside and had a look at the paper. It was a plan on how to take over Candy Land. Suddenly I heard foot steps coming towards the door. I jumped behind a pot-plant not knowing what to do. As the door opened I held my breath. It was King Tooth Paste. He sat down at the table and wrote something on the paper with the plan on it then left. I slowly step out from behind the pot-plant and ran over to see what King Tooth Paste had written on the plan. While I read the rest of the plan, I knew I had to move fast.
To Be Continued.   

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  1. Victoria that story was awesome!! I could visualize your story in my head. Also you left it at a very interesting point. I can't wait to read the most.

  2. Nice work Victoria, I love your story It got my really hooked and I really want to find out what happens next. It is a very exciting story. Keep up the awesome blog posts!

  3. Great story Tori I love your ideas I really love King Tooth Paste What will happen next. Great work!!!

  4. WOW Victoria!!!!!! That is some of the best writing in my life

  5. that was interesting king tooth paste is evil. FROM REBEKAH.