Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hi and welcome back to my blog. This term we have been learning about the Olympics. We had to chose a sport, an athlete or something to do with the Olympic history. I chose to learn about Equestrian. We got to chose ever do a report of a brochure. I chose to do a brochure. Here is my brochure.

Where you could start.
You could start by asking your parents if you could go to your local pony club. After a while going to your pony club you can sometimes compete on the pony club ponies and do small events.

    Sir Mark Todd

Sir Mark Todd is a famous New Zealand horse rider. He is known in the eventing circuit.




                     Victoria Sullivan



Dressage is used in 3 day events and individual event. It’s got completes moves and you have to have a good bond between you and your horse. In dressage there is no jumping only flat-work. When you do dressage your horse is supposed to have there neck arched a bit.

Show Jumping

Show jumping is jumping in a sand arena. There are about 10 to 13 different jumps on a show jumping course. Show jumping is done at canter. If you knock a rail down then you get 4 faults. The person with the least amount of faults wins.

X Country

X country is a stage in eventing. X country is done at gallop or canter. It is ridden over grass field. In X country you don’t jump over painted rail you jump logs pot plants and heaps of other different jumps. There are 30-40 jumps in a X country course.

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