Saturday, September 10, 2016

Candy Land Continued...

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I'm going to be sharing the rest of my quick write, Candy Land. The first part of this story is on my blog. Here is the rest of my story.

On the wall I could see a map of Dentist Castle. I grabbed it. I was in the planning room. It said the dining room was on the other side of the castle.

As I set off to find the dining room. I had to dodge lots of tooth guards. When I reached the dining room I hid under the table. I checked my watch, it was 5.00pm.

Tooth guards started to fill the seats at the table. There was one seat left at the end of the table. Suddenly the room fell silent. King Tooth Paste entered the room. Just as King Tooth Paste sat down 3 tooth chefs entered the room with huge plates of food and plonked them down on the table.

While they were waiting for dessert they started talking about how they were going to put their plan into action. King Tooth Paste said "we will meet by the tooth paste waterfall." I made my way to a spare bedroom I saw on the map. Just as I hoped into bed three tooth guards came through the door. Before I could do anything they shut the door and unzipped there costumes. Liske, Ruby and Bella had been sent to Candy Land and then to Dentist Land to help me save Candy Land. They threw me a white tooth costume. "You might need this" Ruby said.

In the morning we woke at 5.00am and ate some chocolate. At 6.00am the sun was rising, so we put our tooth costumes on and went to the tooth paste waterfall. King tooth Paste stayed back at the castle because he had a really bad toothache.

We started to walk down the hill when all the tooth guards stopped. One of the tooth guards said "do we have to go through the woods". Liske quickly said" yes that's the only way, but we will have to stay together or else the happy garden gnomes might get us". "AH! not the garden gnomes" all the tooth guards screamed. Suddenly Bella jumped in-front of all the guards and said "why don't we forget about taking over Candy Land". The tooth guards argued "we have to because King Tooth Paste said to". I said "do you only do what King Tooth Paste tells you to do?" They all said "yes" quietly. "Why don't you ever leave Dentist Land and come to Candy Land" said Ruby. One tooth guard answered "we didn't know if we would be welcome in Candy Land. I said "why don't you come to Candy Land with us". Bella Ruby Liske and I unzipped our white tooth costumes. "Okay" said all the tooth guards happily. 

When we got to Candy Land Queen Sugar screamed "AH, tooth guards". "Don't worry Queen Sugar, they have something to say to you" I said. One tooth guard stepped forward and said "Queen Sugar we would like it if you let us stay in Candy Land". "Of course you can" replied Queen Sugar. From that day forward the tooth guards lived happily in Candy Land.

The End.
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