Wednesday, November 2, 2016


This week for maths we have been learning about division, %, kg, decimals, time tables, subtraction, addition and fractions. These past few days we have been learning how to put fraction into decimals and %.

Here are some of the questions.

Pippa and Hanni hosted a party.  In total 32 people attended.  They had allowed each person to get ⅗’s of a pizza.  How many pizzas will they need to buy to feed them? 20 pizzas for the party.

Tui had been saving her pocket money for 9 months.  She earned $17.50 each fortnight.  Of that amount she kept $5 for spending and banked the rest.  She wanted to know how much more she had to save if the phone she wanted to buy was $275. Tui has raised $225. She needs $50 more.

There are 127 lambs and some ewes too. Altogether there are 708 legs.  How many ewes (mother sheep) are there? So there are 508 lamb legs and 200 ewe legs and there are 50 ewes.

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