Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I am blogging about our P.E. This term for P.E we have been doing running/sprinting, relays, jumping and throwing. 

For jumping we played a game called Jumping Jenny/Jumping Jimmy. That is when there is a group of people are in a circle and one person is in the middle and they do a jumping pattern. The people on the outside have to imitate the person in the middle. When the person in the middle has finished jumping the call someones name from the outside and they come in the middle. Then you repeat that.
Here is a photo of me jumping.

For running we did start and finishes. You don't slow down to you have passed the line. After we practised handing the battern to the person in front of you. We also had a relay race at the end.
Here is a photo of me running.

For throwing we practised under arm and over arm throws. After we had practised throwing we had a little competition to see who can throw the ball longest. Here is a photo of me throwing.

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